Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead
Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

Pottery designed by Charlotte Rhead for the Crown Ducal Ware brand at A.G. Richardson. A website about her tube-lined pottery designs and related reference information.

Welcome to the new website. Starting from scratch, it will be about Charlotte's  tube-lined designs for Crown Ducal, but with more detail. A previous ambition to extend the scope to include all of the Crown Ducal production was not realistic and that content has been removed, although some of that material may find its way onto the blog in due course.


30 years have passed since Bernard Bumpus had his Rhead exhibitions in 1986-1987. For many collectors the exhibtion and the catalogue  would mark the revival of interest in the work of  Charlotte Rhead.


For me, it has only been a hobby for 20 years.  The purchace of a Manchu patten, shape 209 vase in November 1996. The desire to collect remains, but I am more choosy now when it comes to adding to the collection. I am not losing interest - just running out of space!


However, there are still treasures to be found and the highlight for 2016 was to find a 17" charger/platter in the orange and black stitched edge tableware design. With tubed signature (J) and pattern number 3049, it is a rare survivor. The tease is whether or not it is the same one as mentioned by Bumpus on page 94 of "Collecting Rhead Pottery".


The new website will start with the most commonly found designs. Later I will develop content on the base markings, tableware and the rarer designs.


In the meantime, there is also the blog  where I publish thoughts that have sparked my interest in matters relating to Charlotte's pottery and Crown Ducal production in genenal.


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