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Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead


This site is maintained as a hobby for my benefit and anyone who is interested in the subject of her work at AG Richardson (Crown Ducal).

Please email if:
  • You find any errors
  • Want help identifying Crown Ducal Ware patterns
  • If you discover a Crown Ducal rarity
  • Have any family history relating to Charlotte Rhead or Crown Ducal that you are willing to share
  • Any helpful comments
Many thanks to those who have contacted me in the past. However, a few points before you email.
  • Please DO NOT ASK FOR VALUATIONS. There is plenty of information on ebay and auction house sites where you can see what price items may sell for.
  • If you would like help identifying a piece, please email two pictures one of the item and one clearly showing all the base markings. This applies only to Crown Ducal items.
  • Please do not send pictures of items backstamped Woods, Burleigh, Bursley or Bursleyware or any of the other other companies that Charlotte worked for - I can’t help you with these. Best get a copy of the Bumpus book “Collecting Rhead Pottery" - there are usually copies for sale through bookfinder.com or ebay.

Happy collecting

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