Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

2691 - Turin
Tube-lining: Black
Enamels & Lustres: Blue & brown lustre?. The pattern predates the surviving pattern books and consequently there is no reference source for the materials used.
Glaze: Green (Padua)
Frequency Ranking: 25/50
Design Date: 1933
Production Period: 1933 - 1934
Pattern Name: Turin is referred to by Bernard Bumpus in his book "Collecting Rhead Pottery", but his source is unknown.

Pattern 2691 Turin
There is a reference in the pattern books for entry 3052 which mentions “green Padua glaze”. This is mysterious since according to Bumpus, Padua is pattern 3636, the same design as 2691 but in different colours. Details for Padua would not have been entered into the book until the following year, (and pattern 3636 does not have a green glaze).

The entry for 3052 appears to have originally been left blank and completed at a later date, certainly the hand writing is different to adjacent entries. It is to be hoped the source of where Bumpus learnt of the name Turin will come to light because if this is an error then perhaps all versions of the Turin/Padua design were originally called Padua, then the reference to “green Padua glaze” would make more sense.

Turin had a short production run of no more than two years, it is rarely found with period 2 backstamp styles and not seen on the newer shapes that came out in 1936. Also, wall chargers are very rare, a feature common to patterns 2682 and 2800.
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