Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

2800 - Aztec
Tube-lining: Black
Enamels: Scarlet &  black
Lustres: Orange
Glaze: Mottled
Frequency Ranking: 21/50
Design Date: 1933
Production Period: 1933 - 1935
Pattern Name: No recorded name from the period. The name Aztec is taken from the pattern description in the book Collecting Rhead Pottery by Bernard Bumpus. I have written a blog article where I explain this design may have very little to do with Aztec culture. But, I cannot see any point in changing the name as it does suit the design perfectly.

Pattern 2800 Aztec
Aztec is one of the few designs Charlotte created for Crown Ducal fancies that is not inspired by plant form. This relatively simple design and its popularity probably explains her motivation to create the Stitch pattern, (3274), later that year with the same colour palette but with a much simpler design for quicker tube-lining. The tube-lined step and rectangle motif of Aztec was simplified for the tableware patterns 3213, 3219. 3220 and 3223.

Production of Aztec continued into 1935 with just a few examples having the period 2 backstamp, but no examples have been seen on the new shapes introduced in 1936.
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