Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

3052 - Persino
Tube-lining: Black
Enamels: Blue, green, yellow & orange
Glaze: Green (Padua)
Frequency Ranking: 40/50
Design Date: 1933
Production Period: 1933 - 1934
Pattern Name: The name Persino is used by Bernard Bumpus in both his books, but his source is has not been identified. Most likely it is a coruption of the name Persindo which is a decorative style of porcelain that Charlotte and her father would have encountered when they worked at Birks Rawlins & Co. in 1911.

Pattern 3052 Persino
This is the earliest Rhead tube-lined design for fancies in the surviving pattern books with Rhead designs, (it begins with pattern 2900). The entry is not illustrated but simply states in handwriting, completely different to the surrounding entries, “Vases etc. Tube-lined as Byzantine in green Padua glaze”. This comment regarding the name of the glaze has significance for pattern Turin, (2691), since it used the same glaze.

This is another adaptation of the Byzantine pattern, but not nearly as successful as Danube (2801). Production probably ceased early in 1935 because very few items have a period 2 backstamp style.
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