Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

4015 - Patch
Tube-lining: Danube blue
Enamels: Cairo green, emerald green, Harrisons orange & lemon yellow
Glaze: Greystone
Frequency Ranking: 15/50
Design Date: End 1934/early 1935
Production Period: 1935 - 1936
Pattern Name: Based on the description of the pattern by Bernard Bumpus.

Pattern 4015 Patch
Patch was a very popular, simple design emulating a similar style used for Stitch, (3274), but this time in brighter colours and contrasted by a paler and glass like glaze. Production was almost entirely confined to the date range of the AGR2 style backstamp but the occasional wall charger may have been made later as some have the simple ARG8 stamp.

Like Stitch, (3274), Patch items do not usually have a facsimile signature, but examples do exist. The charger in the picture is signed but this may be due to it having been made later after the main period of production.
Several examples have been seen with a cheerful variation to the colours of the bands and patches including pale blue and pink.

Collectors should also note that the pattern can be found on a range of tableware shapes, although these are much rarer than they are for the Stitch pattern 3274.
Pattern 4015 Patch
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