Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

4088 - Patch
Tube-lining: Black
Lustres: Primrose yellow, green, black & orange
Glaze: Mottled fawn
Frequency Ranking: 8/50
Design Date: 1935
Production Period: 1935 - 1936 but possibility of some chargers produced until 1939.
Pattern Name: Based on the description of the pattern by Bernard Bumpus.

Pattern 4088 Patch
Following on from the success of the colourful Patch (4015), this version in neutral earth colours was a big seller and seems to have easily outsold its brighter coloured predecessor. Whether this is due to the fashion of the day or cost is unknown but its popularity would probably be in part due to it being priced to tempt buyers unable to afford the more complex patterns. Production was confined to period  2. Except for the occasional charger. Table lamps have 1920's or AGR8 mark becasue of size restrictions on the shapes. Very few examples have been seen on the new shapes introduced in 1936 and so the bulk of production probably occurred in 1935 and early 1936.

There is a standard sequence for the colouring of the patches, but there are variations, whether by design or error. Often the primrose and green colours are not applied, and another variation observed is the brown border lustre replaced by a pearlescent pink.
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