Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

4298 - Green Chain
Tube-lining: Grey (although recorded as black in the pattern book)
Enamels: Handling green
Lustres: Liquid silver & orange
Glaze: Off white
Frequency Ranking: 18/50
Design Date: 1935
Production Period: Original production 1935 - 1936 and continued at a reduced level until 1942. The pattern was then re-released in 1954 with design changes. There is no evidence that it was in production between 1942 and 1954.
Pattern Name: The use of “Chain” in the pattern name is first encountered in the David Williams book “The Rhead Years”.

Pattern 4298 Green Chain
The Green Chain pattern is interesting as it was produced by Crown Ducal during two separate time periods and fortunately the information exists to roughly date both of them and furthermore there are distinct design characteristics that identify during which period any example was manufactured.

Two rare variations of this pattern exist, one where the green enamel has been replaced with yellow enamel. The other when the chains are left unfilled but the links are alternately coloured yellow and scarlet. Both these variations were produced during the first phase of production pre - WW2.
The original version has a green border trim. In the case of chargers this means the outer most colour decoration around the charger edge is green. On jugs and vases there are green bands around the top and base and the jug handles are also green. Most examples have the AGR2 backstamp style but as with other designs there was an extended production period especially for wall chargers which are often found with AGR7 or AGR5.
Pattern 4298 Green Chain
The reintroduced version examples have the equivalent borders and edges in the metallic silver lustre. On jugs, the handles are left uncoloured with a fine detailing strip of the silver lustre down each side of the handle. All the reintroduced items seen have the AGR3 backstamp style and are never signed.

There are other subtle design differences too, but apart from these the range of shapes that a collector would find for the two versions are rather different. Chargers, the ubiquitous shape 146 vases and Trent scalloped rimmed bowls have been seen to date in both versions, otherwise the original would be found in the usual range of 1930’s Crown Ducal shapes whereas the more modern version decorates the 1940’s shapes.
Pattern 4298 Green Chain
Pattern 4298 Green Chain
References of the period:
Pottery and Glass, April 1955 page 103

A photograph of a jug vase shape 282 from the second phase of production in the 1950’s.

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