Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

4300 - Tudor Rose
Tube-lining: Black
Enamels: Goods blue, Harrisons pink & puce
Lustres: Bronze  & grey
Glaze: Snow
Frequency Ranking: 34/50
Design Date: 1935
Production Period:  1935 - 1936
Pattern Name: Tudor Rose is explicitly recorded in the pattern book for 4491. It is thought the other patterns using the same tube-lined design, but enamelled in different colours,  have inherited the same name, (except Persian Rose 4040).

Pattern 4300 Tudor Rose
The first of several Tudor Rose patterns developed from the popular Persian Rose, (4040). The design is also notable in that it is the earliest pattern number that uses Charlotte’s “Snow Glaze”, although at the time of its design the glaze had not yet been given this name but was referred to as “White Matt Ground”.

There are two standard versions found today, one with uncoloured leaves that has bronze rim spots and bands. The second has its leaves filled with grey lustre and with alternating grey and bronze rim spots.

The names and colours of the Crown Ducal lustres are confusing. If one studies a lustred leaves example instinct would say the leaves are bronze and the other lustre is more akin to copper. I have compared all the patterns with lustres and checked them with pattern book descriptions where they exist and they do match correctly. However I would agree with anyone who says the grey lustre is misnamed.

About twice as many examples have been seen with unfilled leaves as compared to those with lustred leaves. It is has not been possible to determine if one variation came before the other or whether they were in production at the same time. Apart from one bowl seen with the simple AGR8 (MADE IN ENGLAND), backstamp, all others have had  the AGR2 backstamp and so there is unlikely to have been any significant production of this pattern after 1938.
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