Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

4511 - Manchu
Tube-lining: Grey
Enamels: Goods blue,  Cairo green, Harrisons orange, lemon yellow & scarlet
Glaze: Off green
Frequency Ranking: 9/50
Design Date: 1936
Production Period: 1936 - 1939 but production of a few chargers continued into 1940.
Pattern Name: In the pattern book the title is Green Dragon, but the Pottery Gazette of April 1936 refers to it as Manchu.

Pattern 4511 Manchu
Manchu is a striking adaptation of the Chinese dragon design. Frederick Rhead, (Charlotte’s father), presented his interpretation on Bursley Ware pattern 411, and Crown Ducal had a transfer tableware pattern with the same motifs in production before Charlotte arrived. The design has probably been copied and adapted by hundreds of ceramic artists over the years but still proved to be a strong seller for Charlotte. It is also interesting to note that this was the only design of Charlotte's with a green glaze that became a strong seller.

The design is quite freeform with the the dragon outline being quite consistent for particular shapes, (facing backward on chargers and forwards on vases), but the additional decoration of the floating cloud scrolls is quite freeform. There is a brown coloured version charger, well documented in the Bumpus books, and from the Bumpus sale at Halls  which is believed to be Charlottes's prototype.
References of the period:
Pottery Gazette and Glass Trades Review, April 1936 page 544

The display of table patterns was strong and impressive, but in the ornamental wares also there were some excellent productions. The “Manchu” was one of these. The impulse of the design was the old chinese dragon produced by a tube lining of slip upon a matt ground assisted by hand tracery in colour.

There is a Manchu vase shape 193 in Crown Ducal advertisements from January 1937 until July 1938 editions of The Pottery Gazette.

Manchu vase shape 193
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