Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

4521 - Posy
Tube-lining: Blue
Enamels: Goods blue, Baines pink, Baines purple, Cairo green, Harrisons orange & Turkish blue
Glaze: Grey heliotrope spot
Frequency Ranking: 26/50
Design Date: Early 1936
Production Period: 1936 - 1938
Pattern Name: Authors invention

Pattern 4521 Posy
This cheerful pattern would appear to be the winner from a cluster of designs that Charlotte created at this time to find her next “Stitch” or “Patch”, a tube-lined design that could be made to sell at a keen price. Like the other simple designs using mostly tube-lined dots and relatively little line work, this pattern is rarely signed, although examples do exist.

The other contenders for a simple pattern are Snowdrops, (4519), which is harder to find and patterns 4520, 4533 and 4536, none of which have yet been seen.
Some evidence of how the design went through its evolution exists in the survival of a small 10” charger that is clearly an experimental piece. It appears that only the dots and stitches have been tube-lined in brown. The rest of the design is outlined in black lustre, (not slip), and the orange and black lustre applied including the over painting of the tube-lining in black. The glaze then applied over the lustres which is not usual for this design.

Overall it is a messy piece, with poor quality black lustre work. However the tube-lining is by an experienced worker and there are no other obvious flaws so it is presumed to be an experiment of some kind that gives an insight into the development of the final design. It really is quite surprising that an item like this has survived.
Pattern 4521 Posy
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