Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

4794 - Kashmere
Tube-lining: Blue
Enamels: Baines pink, Baines purple & Goods blue
Lustres: Green, gold & bronze
Glaze: Blown off blue
Frequency Ranking: 28/50
Design Date: 1936
Production Period: 1936 - 1939
Pattern Name: Tentative evidence from the Pottery Gazette.

Pattern 4794 Kashmere
This pattern is believed to be called Kashmere. Bernard Bumpus did not refer to it as such in his books but there is a reference to the name in the Pottery Gazette applying to a Charlotte Rhead tube-lined design which does not appear to be applicable to any other pattern of the time.

Most examples seen have the period 2 backstamp style, AGR2 and therefore production of this design probably ceased sometime in 1939. The only significant variation observed to date has been with the tulip like flower heads in alternate orange and purple enamelled petals and with the absence of pink used to decorate some of the smaller flowers.
References of the period:
Pottery Gazette and Glass Trades Review, February 1938 page 215

“The Pussy Willow” pattern, an enamelled treatment offered in two predominating styles of colour - green and orange - on a matt glaze, is going well, and the same may be said of the “Kashmere”, an excellent tube-lined effect, one of the products of Miss Rhead."

The photograph comes from the Pottery Gazette and Glass Trades Review, Crown Ducal advertisement in many issues from January 1937 until July 1938.
Kashmere vase shape 211 & 3 footed bowl
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