Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

4922 - Florian
Tube-lining: Brown
Enamels: Scarlet, Goods blue, Cairo green & Harrisons yellow
Glaze: Off green
Frequency Ranking: 45/50
Design Date: 1937
Production Period: 1937
Pattern Name: The name Florian is explicitly recorded in the pattern book.

Pattern 4922 Florian
Florian is an uncommon pattern with a complex design and was probably quite expensive. Charlotte created twelve new designs around this time, presumably to be ready for showing at the British Industries Fair early in the year. Most are well known to collectors but only Golden Leaves, Foxglove, Wisteria and the orange lustred version of Arabian Scroll could be regarded as easily found patterns.

Popularity of a design is always due to a combination of cost, availability and the fashion of the day and clearly a design like Florian had trouble competing with the runaway success of Golden Leaves.

An interesting observation is that of all the ranked top fifty designs, the Florian sample has the highest percentage of chargers compared with other shapes. At least two out of three items seen are chargers meaning that vases, jugs and bowls are quite rare. For collectors waiting for the very rare, the pattern books have two other versions of Florian: 4958 - in blue, pink, purple and gold on snow glaze and 5049 in green orange and blue on an off grren glaze. Only one or two examples of each has been recorded to date.
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