Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

4923 - Chains & Panels
Tube-lining: Brown
Enamels: Scarlet
Lustres: Mixed fawn, silver & liquid gold
Glaze: Blown fawn
Frequency Ranking: 49/50
Design Date: 1937
Production Period: 1937
Pattern Name: Authors invention.

Pattern 4923 Chains & Panels
This pattern is a development of the orange and green chain designs, (4100 & 4298) and it is one of the least common of the ranked patterns. Its rarity is probably due to Charlotte producing so many splendid designs at the same time. The retailers and the public chose Golden Leaves, Wisteria and Foxglove as their favourites. However, pattern 4923 was certainly being marketed because examples can be seen in photographs of the Crown Ducal stand at the British Industries Fair of 1937 alongside all the other new designs of that year.
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