Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

4924 - Carnation
Tube-lining: Blue
Enamels: Scarlet, Goods blue & Harrisons orange
Lustres: Sovereign gold
Glaze: Snow
Frequency Ranking: 43/50
Design Date: 1937
Production Period: 1937
Pattern Name: The name Carnation is used by Bumpus, the origin is unknown.

Pattern 4924 Carnation
Carnation is another uncommon pattern with a complex design that was featured at the British Industries Fair. No doubt it would have been expensive to produce, and only entrusted to the most experienced of tube-liners to decorate. All examples seen have been tube-lined by Rose, Dora, Hannah, Fanny or Elsie.
Pattern 4924 Carnation
Looking at these three chargers it might appear that the design is totally freeform. However, although not symmetrical in any true sense, the pattern on chargers exists in three versions with either a rough two fold, three fold or four fold flower head symmetry. More than one example of each style has been seen, (and is not related to the charger size),  so perhaps the production of the different arrangements may have been an intentional variation to the design rather than prototypes or experiments. Furthermore an example of the two fold version exists with the opposite flower head shapes, ie the full flower heads swap places with the side view flower heads.
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