Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

4954 - Wisteria
Tube-lining: Blue
Enamels: Baines pink, Baines purple, Goods blue, Cairo green, Emerald green, Harrisons orange & Colcloughs brown
Glaze: Snow
Frequency Ranking: 31/50
Design Date: 1937
Production Period: 1937 - 1939
Pattern Name: The name Wisteria is explicitly recorded in the pattern book.

Pattern 4954 Wisteria
Wisteria is slightly easier to find than Foxglove and this is most likely becasue of the Queen Mary effect. The journalists of the trade journals were keen to report what particular patterns took the eye of Queen Mary and in specifically which designs she bought examples of. The fact she bought a vase in the Wisteria pattern would surely have benefited A.G. Richardson & Co. and similarly the connection would have brought in orders from the retailers.

We have an idea of what one of the items Queen Mary bought because of the close up photograph of the Foxglove and Wisteria display at the British Industries Fair published in the Pottery and Glass Record. It shows a printed card leaning against a Wisteria shape 207 vase with the words “As purchased by her Majesty Queen Mary”

All examples seen to date have the AGR2 backstamp style and so production had ceased before the end of 1939. However it would not be surprising id the occasional charger crops up in the future with the AGR5 or AGR8 mark as has happened so often with other popular patterns.
References of the period:
Pottery Gazette and Glass Trades Review, June 1937 page 797

More recently still there have been produced various patterns of very interesting characteristics on a new snow glaze, which played so prominent a part in the firm’s exhibit at the British Industries Fair. In this connection the “Wisteria” and “Foxglove” designs stood out with emphasis. They are reported to be having a splendid reception, and of this they are thoroughly deserving.

BIF 1937  Wisteria and Foxglove display
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