Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

5411 - Caliph
Tube-lining: Danube blue
Enamels: Baines pink, Aidneys scarlet, Goods blue, Harrisons orange, Emerald green & Cairo green
Glaze: Greystone
Frequency Ranking: 24/50
Design Date: 1937
Production Period: 1937 - 1939
Pattern Name: The name Caliph is explicitly recorded in the pattern book.

Pattern 5411 Caliph
Caliph is remindful of Persian Rose, 4040, it has a similar colour palette and the same glaze. Yet despite the similarities it was still a design with good sales. Its main distinctive feature compared with Persian Rose is that the design is pictorial rather than having circular symmetry for the chargers and this probably accounts for the relatively large proportion of chargers found with this pattern.

There is a standard layout for the flower head colours on 12", 14" and 17" chargers. This arrangement is the one on the larger of the two chargers in the picture.  About 10% of chargers are done by "maverick" paintresses who have done their own arrangement or made a mistake.

Only one example has been seen with the AGR7 style backstamp which suggests that production of this design had effectively ceased by 1940.
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