Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

5623 - Tarragona
Tube-lining: Grey
Enamels: Handling green & Goods blue
Lustres: Dark brown, orange, yellow & bronze
Glaze: Off White
Frequency Ranking: 12/50
Design Date: 1938
Production Period: 1938 - 1942
Pattern Name: The name Tarragona is recorded in the pattern book and referred to by name in the trade press of the period.

Pattern 5623 Tarragona
About twice the number of Tarragona examples have been seen compareted to Persian Leaf, 5391, which is the same design in different colours. This is not the first time that Charlotte created an autumnal coloured lustred version of her originally bright coloured designs. Patch, 4088, followed on quickly from 4015 just as Tudor Rose 4491 followed 4300, 4318 and particularly Persian Rose, 4040. Perhaps this was for reasons of cost, with the lustred versions being cheaper or just a matter of taste and offering the consumer a choice when the design was known to be popular. It is interesting to note that in the three instances mentioned, the autumnal coloured lustred versions all outsold the original brightly enamelled style.
There is a variation where the dark brown and bronze lustres are absent. Instead edges and rims are finished with green enamel and the stems are coloured light brown. The pattern frieze borders tend to be left uncoloured and they have the AGR5 (471) style backstamp and are signed. Another variation has the leaves all coloured orange with the berries in yellow and scarlet and the pattern frieze borders in green. It would not be surprising if other combinations of colour schemes and glazes come to light. Considering the known variations of Tarragona and Persian Leaf together the design is probably worthy of a collecting subject in its own right.

A couple of chargers with the Tarragona pattern have been seen with basemarks that indicate they were made after Charlotte left the company or when the restictions on decorated pottery were introduced in 1942.  But unlike patterns 5983 and 5802, there is no evidence of any significant  production as determined by large numbers of unsigned items with wartime or post war backstamps and no examples have been seen on the modern shapes.
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