Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

5802 - Fruit Border
Tube-lining: Grey
Lustres: Brown, orange, yellow, green & bronze
Glaze: Fawn
Frequency Ranking: 11/50
Design Date: 1939
Production Period: 1939 - until Charlotte left but production continued possibly until early 1950s.
Pattern Name: The name Fruit Border is used by Bernard Bumpus but the origin is unknown.

Pattern 5802 Fruit Border
With Fruit Border Charlotte returns to the popular earth coloured lustres that were so successful for her with Tudor Rose, 4491 and Falling Leaves, 4921.

There is a more colourful variation of Fruit Border in green, red, yellow and orange enamels. These make up just 3% of the observed examples and so are quite rare.

The pattern was popular but it seems likey that between 45% and 50% of the production could have been made after Charlotte had left Richardsons. All of these younger items have the AGR5 type 481 backstamp and none have the AGR3 style. Therefore it is probably safe to assume that production did cease by the early 1950s and did not continue through the mid 1950s like patterns 4040, 4298, 4921, 5983 and the post war pink and grey designs.
References of the period:

Advertisement published in the Pottery Gazette and Glass Trades Review from March to August 1939, (except April edition).

 There is a photograph of a Fruit Border bowl alongside examples of pattern 5803 Palermo.

Fruit Border bowl
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