Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

5803 - Palermo
Tube-lining: Danube blue
Enamels: Baines pink, Baines purple & Goods blue
Lustres: Grey & Sovereign gold
Glaze: Fawn
Frequency Ranking: 38/50
Design Date: 1939
Production Period: 1939 - 1942
Pattern Name: The name Palermo is explicitly recorded in the pattern book

Pattern 5803 Palermo
Despite being promoted in in Crown Ducal advertisements for much of 1939, examples of Palermo are quite difficult to find. It is impossible to be sure why it was not a more successful design. Factors could be that it was expensive to produce, the design involves a lot of tube-lining,  the demand for luxury goods may have fell with the outbreak of WW2 or perhaps the existing designs on offer like Persian Leaf, Caliph, Tarragona and Fruit Border were more appealing. It should also be remembered that Golden Leaves was still a huge seller at this time.

Just to confuse collectors, the design was reintroduced in the mid 1950s in a pink and grey colour scheme. These are never signed, have an AGR3 backstamp, but they do carry the same tube-lined number 5803. These items are not included in the frequency ranking calculation.
Pattern 5803 Palermo pre-production flower design
The pattern that went into production is not as it appears in the pattern book. The original design has flowers with a double row of petals and only one example has been seen with the petals like this, but others must have existed - see the charger in the advertisement picture below. This design change would almost certainly have been to reduce the amount of time taken to tube-line this complex design.
Pattern 5803 Palermo production flower design
References of the period:

Advertisement published in the Pottery Gazette and Glass Trades Review from March to August 1939, (except April edition).

 There is a photograph of a Fruit Border bowl alongside examples of pattern 5803 Palermo. Note the charger does have a double row of flower petals but the vase flowers have only the single row.

Fruit Border bowl
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