Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

5983 - Ankara
Tube-lining: Black
Enamels: Colcloughs brown & Goods blue
Lustres: Orange, Primrose yellow, green & bronze
Glaze: Off white
Frequency Ranking: 7/50
Design Date: 1939
Production Period: 1939 - 1942 But also significant production throughout the WWII pottery restrictions period and well into the 1950s.
Pattern Name: The name Ankara is explicitly recorded in the pattern book.

Pattern 5983 Ankara
Ankara is one of the most common Charlotte Rhead designs, but about a half of the sample seen were produced after Charlotte had left Richardsons and a half of these carry the backstamp that dates to the mid-1950s.

There is an enormous variation in the green lustre used in decorating Ankara. Mostly it is a dull green like that on the vase in the photograph, but it can be almost brown, a dark green or replaced with a pearlescent pink.

Halfway through the 1950s Crown Ducal re-released the design in a completely different colour scheme of dull red and pink and gave it a new number of 6778. This featured in an article about the company in the April 1955 issue of Pottery & Glass.
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