Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

6016 - Trellis
Tube-lining: Brown
Enamels: Blythe pink, Harrisons yellow, Cairo green, Goods blue, Emerald green & Baines purple
Glaze: Brownstone
Frequency Ranking: 10/50
Design Date: 1940
Production Period:  Main production 1940 - 1942 but examples made possibly until end of 1940s.
Pattern Name: The name Trellis is used by Bernard Bumpus but the origin is unknown.

Pattern 6016 Trellis
Trellis is the only tube-lined design for fanccies in the pattern book that has a dated entry. At the top of the page there is written “Jan 1940” and this is believed to be contemporary with the pattern description. This pattern was immensely popular, ranked tenth and yet introduced only 30 months before the restrictions on decorated pottery were implemented. There is evidence from certain base markings and item shapes that possibly 8% of examples may have been made after Charlotte had left the company and possibly until the end of the 1940s.

The glaze is a colour variation of Charlottes well known greystone glaze used for Patch, Blue Peony, Persian Rose and Caliph. Although Trellis is the only tube-lined pattern with the brownstone glaze, Richardsons used it in conjunction with designs using transfers of small flowers, both on fancies and the Gordon shaped tableware at about the same time.
Variations in the design are rare. There is the difficult to find yellow version but that has its own pattern number of 6017. Pictured here is a variation with a matt mottled brown glaze and more earthy coloured enamels or lustres.
Pattern 6016 Trellis
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