Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

6353- Falling fruits
Tube-lining: Brown
Lustres: Orange, green, brown, primrose yellow & gold
Glaze: Off white
Frequency Ranking: 41/50
Design Date: 1941
Production Period: 1941 - 1942 No evidence of significant production after Charlotte left and none are post WWII.
Pattern Name: The authors invention.

Pattern 6353 Falling Fruits
This is the youngest of Charlotte Rhead tube-lined patterns that has a pattern number and was designed and produced while she was still working for Richardsons. It is a simple reworking of her most popular design Golden Leaves, 4921 with round fruits replacing the flowers and some leaves and a plain wavy line border frieze.

Most examples have a signature and the AGR7 style of backstamp but one has been seen with the AGR5 (481) style of backstamp and therefore production might have continued until around the time that the pottery restrictions on decorated pottery were brought in during June 1942.

The illustrated examples shown have quite weak coloured lustres but the pattern can be found with more intense colours.
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