Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead
Tube-Lined Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead


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Rhead website and collection of George Conner
Rhead website and blog - Peter Mason
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1983- Antique Collector, January 1983 Magazine article "Pottery designed by Charlotte Rhead" by Bernard Bumpus
1986- "Rhead: Artists & Potters 1870-1950" Book to accompany the exhibition by Bernard Bumpus
1987- "Charlotte Rhead Potter & Designer" The first book to properly cover the life and work of Charlotte Rhead by Bernard Bumpus
1993- "The History of A.G. Richardson's Crown Ducal Tableware Production 1920-1940 and an Assessment of its Place in the Progressive Approach to Design Witnessed in the Staffordshire Pottery Industry in the Inter-War Years" Dissertation By Gerrard Shaw, May 1993. Document DX 209415. Precursor to his book published in 2015.
1999- "The Rhead Years" Informal, self published, publication with additional newsletter updates through 1999 and 2000 by David Williams
1999- "Collecting Rhead Pottery" The best all round source of information on Rhead pottery by Bernard Bumpus
2000- Antiques and Collectables, March 2000 Magazine article "Charlotte Rhead" by David Williams
2001- "20th Century Ceramic Designers in Britain" By Andrew Casey, Chapter 2 covers the life and work of Charlotte Rhead
2012- "Crown Ducal Snow Glaze Tableware and Decorative Pottery" By Ian Newton, an illustrated catalogue of  the known Crown Ducal designs that used Charlotte Rheads snow glaze.
2015- "A.G.Richardsons & Co., Ltd.'s Crown Ducal Ware 1915-1940" By Gerrard Shaw, predominantly about the tableware designs but includes a weath of information about the company and the people who were working at the time Charlotte was at Richardsons.
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